BREXIT Shock: What they aren’t telling you about the Brexit effect on your personal assets and investments

Britain’s exit from the European Union creates serious implications for every American, especially those aged 55 and older…

Upon the Brexit announcement, pentagon and national security insider, Jim Rickards, stepped forward with an urgent warning to the American public.

In short, Rickards is urging anyone who is dependent on a fixed income – like Social Security or a pension plan – or who owns any assets denominated in dollars – like a savings account or mutual fund – to take critical protective measures, now.

Some shocking information is that the international monetary system actually collapsed a few times in the twentieth century – 19141, and 19712 – and came dangerously close to collapse in 19983 and 2008.

Rickards says:

“I now have over $1,000,000 of my own money invested in a safe and simple financial survival technique, to protect myself and my family… and I strongly recommend that every American with exposure to the dollar devote at least a small amount to this too… beginning immediately.”

Who is Jim Rickards, exactly… and what does he know that the average American doesn’t?

You might be surprised when you see…

Sit back and watch this video for all of the details:

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