How People Decide If You’re Smart (or Not) in Under 30 Seconds

When You Speak, Do People Think You’re Smart?

Little Slips That Make You Look Ignorant

Everybody’s done it…

… Heard someone speak and instantly decided they’re not very bright.

And just the opposite is true. We’ve all heard someone speak and instantly recognized the signs of a razor-sharp intellect.

What makes the difference?

Why Some People Make More Money Than Most

One man with decades of experience goes in for the interview but doesn’t get the job. A less experienced man comes in after him and is offered the job on the spot.

The promotion goes to the new guy. And the salesman with the weaker product gets the sale.

In every case, it is because of how each person was perceived. The loser may have actually been smarter, better, more experienced… But the winner was perceived as being smarter, better educated and more useful because of it.

When someone is truly educated, as they speak, it becomes very clear. Others can tell and make a judgment within the first 30 seconds of talking about a topic. There is simply no substitution for real expertise, but until now – that has been very, very hard (and very, very expensive) to acquire.

Finally, now there is a way for anyone to become an expert – on any topic – in about an hour a day.

How to Be Seen as Interesting & Educated When You Speak

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