Why Everyone Thinks I Went to College

Doctor? Lawyer? Scientist? Why I’ve been suspected of being all three…

Confession time:

I was a “C” student in high school.

Never went to college. BUT: On separate occasions, I’ve had people assume I’m a doctor, a lawyer, and a scientist.

It’s not because I lie or mislead them in any way, but when you know a subject intimately and people can tell you are an authority, they assume you have a degree and treat you like you have one. Even after they find out you don’t!

In my case, they’re wrong. And if it comes up, when I tell them my secret the reactions range from shock to delight—and occasionally—to outrage.

Especially when they find out how little I paid for my education, as most people spend more money on coffee every month.

How (and Where) I Master Any Subject in 5 to 10 Days

Truth is, anyone can master ANY topic… IF they can find the right person to teach it to them. And it doesn’t take a semester.

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They have everything from unsolved mysteries of the universe, to retraining your brain, to modern engineering… From photography and drawing to chess and history… And just about everything in between.

It’s all there for you to stream at your convenience, but be warned… It’s addictive.

Binge Watch THIS to Sharpen Your Mind (and look smart)

I mean - have you ever experienced a great teacher?

One who grips your attention, rivets you to your chair, and blows your mind? 

My underground source only works with the top 1% of college professors in the world… MEANING:

The best teachers – the ones who make a subject come ALIVE.

They’re from top schools like MIT, Harvey Mudd, Johns Hopkins University and others… BUT: They’re unshackled from University politics - so they freely speak their minds because these videos won’t be available to the general public.

And because they’re talking to adults, they drop the over-simplifications, stop the sugar coating, and tip over the sacred cows.

Obviously, this is stuff that you can’t easily find, but there is one web site where you can find all the lectures. Once there, you can search for any topic you desire…

And binge watch an entire semester’s lecture series in a day or two.

But again – be warned – it is addictive. Especially once people start seeing you in a different light because you’re bringing ideas and answers they can’t get from Google.

If you’re at all interested in having others think of you as highly educated…

Or if you just love to learn from the best, here’s my secret weapon for mastering any topic in 5 to 10 days tops.

Oh yeah - many of these lecture series are sold as individual sets for several hundred dollars… BUT:

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