A few years ago, there was a lot of hype about “cord cutters” - people who canceled their cable and moved to streaming and downloading services. Why? Saving money was the big draw.


But, it didn’t take long for “cord cutters” to regret their decision and head straight back to cable.

Dropping cable may not save money or peace of mind.

Streaming services aren’t cheap:

The initial hardware, subscription costs, and individual downloads add up quickly. And, don't forget the Internet bill. If you're not bundling cable and Internet anymore, the cost of your Internet could increase.

Cable viewers don’t have to wait to watch their favorite shows:

You can find past seasons of some shows on streaming services but often their libraries are pretty limited. And…no TV fan wants to be left out of the next-day conversations about “Game of Thrones” or wait (and play Russian roulette with spoilers) 3 to 6 months to find out what happens to Walter White in the series finale of “Breaking Bad.”

Cable viewers can skip the time wasting and hair-pulling process of waiting for slow downloads:

            Although you might find some sketchy live-streaming of

The World Cup or Tour de France, exclusive professionally produced live-network events like The Olympics, The Superbowl or The Oscars are unique.


And, now there is high competition for your cable/satellite business. The providers are anxious to add new customers, so there are deals to be had on premium packages with huge discounts!

There are offers available for Bundles, Free Premium Channels, including HBO and Showtime, Exclusive Sports Packages, Upgraded Fast Connection Speeds and Wi-Fi Hot Spot Service. However, often the best deals in TV may be found online– look online for flash deals, limited time offers and special promotions.

Find a package that suits your budget – and all the benefits that cable and satellite has to offer.

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