He’s glued to his phone. Again! Why isn’t he glued to you? 

Is he talking to a friend? Is it work? Maybe, but come on - you’ve only seen him this interested in his phone when he was texting you, when you first met.

Should you ask him about it? Only if you want him to get defensive. It might be nothing but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t worried.

Here are some possible signs of cheating:

  • He never leaves his phone where you can find it
  • You see him get messages, but if you manage to check, there’s nothing there
  • He has social media profiles you didn’t know about
  • He seems really happy when he gets a message - no one wants an after-hours work message
  • He asks for more alone time
  • He stays late at work
  • He doesn’t respond to your text as fast as he used to
  • He never has details to share about his day
  • He gets defensive too easily
  • He seems to be thinking of something else all of the time

How Do You Find Out Who He’s Texting?

It’s easy to see who your partner is texting if you do a reverse phone number lookup of any unknown numbers you see on his phone. A good searching service will let you see who he’s texting but will also give you access to social profiles, addresses, and even criminal records.

Maybe it really is work, or a friend, or maybe your worst fears are right. Either way, you aren’t going to stop worrying until you know.

Getting the number off of his phone may be tough. If he’s really cheating, he is not going to leave his phone where you can get to it, and it will likely be locked. He may even be deleting his messages.

If you can get into his phone, check his recent outgoing text and phone calls - a lot of times people forget to delete those.

How to Bring it Up

This won’t be easy, so prepare yourself. If you’ve got evidence that he’s been cheating then that will give you the upper hand. If you’re just coming with accusations - well, prepare to have everything thrown back at you even if you know you’re right.

Also, he could see it as a huge breach in trust. Just be sure you’re right before you bring up cheating.

Why is He Cheating?

So you’ve checked out that strange number with a reverse number search and he’s cheating! Why?

People cheat for lots of reasons, but the most common is that they’re lonely. How do you know? Ask yourself how you feel - likely, he feels the same way, people usually grow apart in a relationship at the same time.

Have you:

  • Been spending more time apart because of work
  • Recently made big decisions like moving in together
  • Been having boring conversations
  • Lost your romantic “spark”

Hey! This doesn’t mean his cheating is your fault! But it may give you some insight into what went wrong. There’s no online search tool for that, but if he’s cheating, knowing why may help you heal and move on.

What if You’re Wrong

But maybe you’re wrong. Maybe he really does have a job that won’t leave him alone, or maybe his sister is a bit too needy. Don’t feel bad if you’re wrong, it happens. But make sure you know the truth - if you don’t, it is going to gnaw away at you. If there’s nothing going on, you may put your relationship at risk.

People cheat. Yes, it is painful and it can make you feel really bad about yourself, but it’s the cheater’s decision. You will have tough decisions to make, but make sure you know the truth before you take the next step.

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