New Addiction Recovery Treatment Program Now Available to Public

Millions of Americans suffer from substance abuse issues causing irreversible harm to themselves and destroying their relationships with friends and family.

Symptoms of substance abuse include increased aggression or irritability; changes in attitude, lethargy, and depression. Addicts often end up with major financial problems or even involved in criminal activity.

Today’s addict has a great opportunity to renew family relationships, be happier, have more energy and ultimately get their life back. There is a lot more help available than ever before and often insurance can typically cover it all.

New advancements in treatment technology makes recovery even more successful. Some of the new technology in addiction treatment include:

  • Magnetic Stimulation approved by the FDA since 2008 for mental health treatment. Applying magnetic stimulation can disrupt the brain patterns compelling addicts to use…just as noise can interfere with a radio signal.
  • Biosensors continuously dispense medication that has the dual effects of treating pain while simultaneously curbing dependence for up to six months.
  • Virtual Reality by stimulating as many senses as possible during Virtual Reality Treatment the idea is to squash the brain’s link between certain situational stimuli and a substance-abuse response.

How Do I Regain Control of My Life?

When even the simple activities of life become nearly impossible it’s time to seek help…but addiction treatment is not a one-size-fits-all. There are many causes of addiction and thousands of treatment facilities available that address all levels and stages of addiction. Every addict’s needs are different and no two treatment centers are the same.

Matching the needs of the addict and the particular addiction with the right type treatment service is one of the keys to breaking the cycle of addiction.

“Finding the right treatment center is SO important for the kind of treatment you’re going to need and the people you’re going to relate to.” says Ryan a 24 year old writer from Florida who was an addict at a very young age. His first several attempts at treatment resulted in relapse after relapse because he was not able to connect to the therapists or the other patients.

The best way to find the right treatment program is through a new type of online network specializing in addiction recovery services like Addiction Recovery Network.

Addiction Recovery Network (ARN) is a free service dedicated to matching the specific addiction needs with the right facility and program. They will also find a facility that accepts the addict’s insurance.

“Having a resource like the Addiction Recovery Network is very important because every one should find the right treatment the first time!... having a resource like this is really invaluable.”

Since Ryan was able to find the right treatment option for his specific needs, he’s been sober for over four years!

Addiction Recovery Network makes sure you or your loved one will have the latest therapy and technology solutions that fit the stage and type of addiction.

“You get sober and you get your life back,” Ryan says with satisfaction and relief. 

The Path to Feeling Good Again Begins with a Network of Support

Click the button below, fill-in your phone number in the specified field and an addiction recovery representative will call you back in minutes. The call and the information is absolutely free for addicts and those who love them.

With one simple, confidential call an expert can talk you through all the treatment options best suited to your personal needs and preferences.

Article sponsored by Addiction Recovery Network