They’re glued to their phone. Again! Why aren’t they glued to you?

Are they talking to a friend? Is it work? Maybe, but come on - you’ve only seen them this interested in their phone when they were texting you, when you first met.

Should you ask about it? Only if you want them to get defensive. It might be nothing but you wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t worried.

How Do You Find Out Who They're Texting?

It’s easy to see who your partner is texting if you do a reverse phone number lookup of any unknown numbers you see on his phone. A good searching service will let you see who they're texting but will also give you access to social profiles, addresses, and even criminal records.

Maybe it really is work, or a friend, or maybe your worst fears are right. Either way, you aren’t going to stop worrying until you know.

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