Deadly Hearing Problems... Do You Have Any?

Recent Research Suggest These 6 Hearing Problems Increase Death Risk by 21% to 39%

Does it sound like others are always mumbling? Do you have difficulty understanding words – especially with a lot of background noise? Are you forced to frequently ask others to speak more slowly, clearly or loudly?

If so, recent research suggests you may have a potentially deadly problem on your hands. That’s because research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association Otolaryngology - Head & Neck Surgery found that among nearly 1,700 U.S. adults over 70, those with hearing loss were 21% to 39% more likely to die over the next several years.

So if you find that you must crank up the volume on the TV or radio... Or if you find yourself withdrawing from conversations… And especially if you start to avoid certain social settings…

You’ll be glad to know that a recent study suggests the risks can be avoided with a simple fix.

Study Shows Simple Fix to Reverse Increased Risk of Death

The AGES-RS study followed 4,926 individual over the age of 67. The study found that the risk of death from hearing impairments could be reversed simply by using a hearing aid.

Despite their life-saving potential, Kevin Contrera of Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD estimates that only one-fifth of people with "clinically significant" hearing loss use hearing aids.

It’s no wonder when these devices often don’t work, despite the $4,000.00 and up price. And they’re not covered by insurance or Medicaid. Plus, many are simply in denial they have a problem & completely unaware of the life-threatening risks.

Yet recent advances in hearing aids now make it possible for anyone to afford what research suggests could be a life-saving solution.

A Low Cost Hearing Breakthrough! 

Due to incredible advances in technology there are new life-changing breakthroughs for hearing loss sufferers.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from hearing loss, we’d like to help.

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