How Cyber Hackers Own Your Phone Just by Knowing Your Number

What’s more terrifying than knowing your most private conversations are publicly exposed?

Is Privacy Dead? 92% of Smart Phones Vulnerable (PROOF)

Privacy used to be a right… now it appears to be dead. With devastating results.

Researchers at the University of California proved they could hack 92% of cell phones, gaining access to online bank accounts, investment brokerage accounts and private emails.

60 Minutes documented a well-known security risk that allows anyone with an internet connection to “hack” cell phone network servers. Once in, all they need is your phone number and they can instantly track your location or read your text messages.

After that they can do the same thing to any of your associates, friends or loved ones who call or text you.

Smart Phone Hacking Reaches Epidemic Levels

Whether you’re texting business details to an associate, venting to a colleague about someone at work, talking politics with a close friend, or sending personal information to your spouse (like insurance, credit card, Social Security or Driver’s License numbers), anyone can now use your private text messages to damage you and your reputation, scuttle a deal, or embarrass you in social media.

The news is full of such horror stories.

According to Breach Level Index – a cyber-security firm who tracks security breaches – since 2013, over 4 Billion records have been hacked and stolen. In fact, 3,512,747 records are stolen every day. And the FBI - along with other authorities – say the number of violated victims is skyrocketing. Now more than ever, the average American must take steps to reclaim their stolen privacy or suffer devastating consequences.

And potential Hacking is only part of the problem.

Businesses are scanning your messages with artificial intelligence and using that data any way they see fit… Like selling your information to advertisers…

Big businesses like Apple1 and Whatsapp2 are admittedly collecting your personal message data.

And because these businesses are often targeted by the most sophisticated hackers, your private data on their servers can be hacked as well.

Thankfully, due to recent advances in technology, it’s quite easy for anyone – even those with ZERO technical skills - to take back your privacy – once and for all.

Dust picks-up where other private messaging apps drop the ball.

Dust allows you to communicate openly and honestly – without fear that what you say can and will be used against you. With Dust you take back your stolen privacy so you can freely send and receive confidential text messages, photos, videos and more.

That’s because Dust scrambles your messages with ultra-strong encryption. Dust also protects them from screenshots and erases them after they are read. And your name is never attached to any of your messages.

Most importantly – they’re never stored on any hard drive… so hackers can never bring them back to life to haunt you.

That means once your messages are gone, they are truly gone – forever. Never to be recovered, retweeted, reposted, or otherwise used to harm or humiliate you.

And did I mention? Dust is FREE.

Some applications – like Snapchat – claim to erase your messages. What the makers of these apps don’t want you to know is that they keep ALL of your messages and photos on their servers where anyone with a bit of know-how can gain access – at any time.

So if you’ve ever been concerned about the safety of your private communications then you should download Dust messaging app now for free

Whether you’re worried about governments, coworkers, rivals, stalkers, or hackers snooping on your private messages, you can put a stop to it today with Dust!

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