The Simple Trick Your Cable and Internet Provider Doesn’t Want You to Find Out About

One of the ways cable internet providers attract new customers is by offering crazy deals.

The one problem is they’re funding it all with long term customers like you.

Don’t you deserve the best deals for internet and cable services too?

Their sneaky plan is to keep you on the highest rates, then use your money to fund insane introductory deals to get new customers in the door.

Many customers find if they got a new deal today they’d be paying a fraction of what they signed up for originally.

Recently a lot of customers have woken up, and they’re mad as anything that the good deals are going to new customers and not them.

However there’s a good reason these companies do it.

It’s simple math. They invest millions of dollars to get up and running and they need to recoup their investment. So they keep existing customers paying high premiums, and use the money to fund crazy deals to get new people in.

They just hope nobody notices.

However that’s changing. Consumers are finding out and they’re mad as hell.


The good news though is there’s a simple way to get your own back, and walk away with an extraordinary deal at the same time.

The trick is to shop around and find other companies offering discounted deals at reduced prices. In a second you’ll see a special site where the very best deals are found.

You can find amazing deals on value-packaged packages including free premium cable channels like HBO and Showtime, mobile access to your favorite shows, exclusive sports packages and free Wi-Fi.

Once you’ve found a better deal then get on the phone to your current provider and demand they switch you over to something as good, if not better. And since it costs them a fortune to get new clients they may trip over themselves to comply.

What’s the worst thing that can happen. If they refuse you just go with the other deal, and it’ll be their own greedy fault.

You end up with a killer deal with more options at a lower price, only with a new provider. You win either way.

Nobody can afford to throw money away. The cost of living is out of control and smart people are saving a few dollars any way they can. And this is great because in a few minutes you can save a bundle. And get a better deal with more services thrown in.

Just imagine how you’ll feel getting more for less than what you’re paying today.

You don’t have to wait. Click the button below to find a better deal and discover what extra options you can get and how much you will save.

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