Mattress Scandal Causes Cancer

Is Your Mattress Poisoning You While You Sleep?

Laws were passed in 2007 to make mattresses “flame retardant.”

Since then, most manufacturers soak their mattresses in chemicals that are toxic to humans.

Yet no one is warning us about these poisons… even though human studies have shown they cause cancer in the throat, nose, neck and lungs – along with other serious diseases.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has not issued a single warning – even though they proved the chemicals are absorbed by our bodies every single night. Why?

We can’t say for certain, but in typical D.C. fashion, the CPSC has been involved in scandals for receiving free travel from the manufacturers it is supposed to regulate.

The Environmental Protection Agency however, does have safety standards for these poisons… AND:

The levels of some mattress chemicals are from 27 to 63 times higher than the EPA’s safety limits.

Is Your Mattress Covered in These Toxic Poisons?

The three main poisonous chemicals used on more than 90% of the mattresses being sold today are:

  1. Antimony
  2. Boric Acid
  3. Formaldehyde

Antimony is a toxic metal which – according to Dr. Mercola and Dr. Rapp – may be more toxic than mercury. And once it’s in us, it never leaves our bodies.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission proved the levels we absorb every single night from our mattresses are 27 times higher than the EPA’s safe levels for adults…

And 67 higher than the EPA’s safe levels for children.

Yet they do nothing.

Further, boric acid is a pesticide used to kills roaches. And although a small, single exposure is survivable…

According to the University of Florida, frequent exposure – like we receive every night on our mattresses – is “more likely to cause significant toxicity.”

Formaldehyde – according to the EPA website – has been shown in human trials to cause cancer in the lungs, head and neck.

As long as the Consumer Product Safety Commission continues to do nothing, it is entirely up to us to protect ourselves, our loved ones – and especially our children – from these poisons.

Stop Mattress Poisons from Ruining Your Health

Because of the laws requiring fire resistant mattresses, well over 90% of the mattresses sold today are soaked in these poisons.

And although it was possible in the past to get “organic” mattresses without these chemicals… many complained they felt like sleeping on a rock.

Recently however, one mattress company called Nectar has created a healthier mattress that won numerous awards for its extreme level of comfort.

The mattress materials boast 5 separate patents. And when I looked into it – the mattress had already received over 9,000 5-star reviews.

But you can’t find it in stores anywhere.

That’s because stores typically double (or more) the price of a mattress before selling it to consumers.

Nectar on the other hand, by “cutting out the middle man,” provides their award-winning mattresses directly to consumers through the web

At 1/3 the cost of other mattresses.

Even though they offer FREE shipping. No-credit-check monthly payments. And an unheard of 365-day money-back guarantee.

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