The #1 Health Risk for 50% of Americans

Research Reveals Half of America Suffers This Toxic Brain Condition

The Centers for Disease Control recently warned of a “public health epidemic.”

Further research revealed that 50% (or more) of Americans already suffer the initial stages of this life-threatening problem.

An investigation into 300 human studies exposed that the “epidemic” raises blood pressure, increases risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

And a team of neuroscientists at UC Berkeley found that it allows toxic proteins called “beta amyloids” – which clog up Alzheimer’s patient brains – to build up in your brain.

Yet despite the fact that the problem is almost entirely preventable, most have no idea of the risks…

Or the simple way to fix it.

6 Signs You’re At-Risk for This “Public Health Epidemic”

If you have trouble concentrating for long periods of time because your mind drifts… If you have difficulty being creative or making decisions…

If you have trouble remembering several items at once… Or feel like your reaction time is slowing down – you’re very likely at risk.

And if you feel sleepy during the day or require large amounts of coffee to wake up – all these may be the first warning signs of major problems.

Yet the sad fact is – while the health consequences are so serious… And the Mayo Clinic has recommended a simple way to solve the problem…

Very few will take the issue seriously – much less follow the simple steps to solve the problem.

It’s only after they suffer serious consequences that they’ll wish they’d taken steps to stop the problem.

Just What is This “Epidemic” & How Do You Solve It?

The CDC has labelled not getting enough sleep a “public health epidemic.” And the Mayo Clinic has recommended a simple solution.

According to the Mayo Clinic website – one of the top ways to improve your sleep is to get a better mattress. Yet most popular mattresses come with major problems all their own.

More than 90% of mattresses out there are soaked in toxic chemicals proven by human studies to cause cancer in the throat, nose, neck and lungs – along with other serious diseases.

The levels of these dangerous chemicals range from 27 to 63 times higher than EPA “safe levels.”

Plus, there’s the massive price tag that comes with a “high quality” poison-soaked mattress.

Recently however, one mattress company called Nectar created a healthier mattress that won numerous awards for its extreme level of comfort.

The mattress materials boast 5 separate patents. And when I looked into it – the mattress had already received over 9,000 5-star reviews.

But you can’t find it in stores anywhere.

That’s because stores typically double (or more) the price of a mattress before selling it to consumers. And Nectar wants anyone to be able to afford a great night’s sleep.

And by “cutting out the middle man,” Nectar provides their award-winning mattresses directly to consumers through the web

At 1/3 the cost of other mattresses.

Even though they offer FREE shipping. No-credit-check monthly payments. And an unheard of 365-day money-back guarantee.

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Article sponsored by Nectar