For the Price of a Movie Ticket: Cable and Internet Packages

Aliens or zombies? Pacino or DeNiro? Tom Brady or Peyton Manning? Now there's an age-old dilemma that American families have been sparring over - for years.

Watching the next great zombie flick used to be something you could only do at a movie theater, where a trip for the family could easily run 75 bucks. And that's not including parking.

Fortunately, we now have options. Over the last decade as technology has come-of-age, things have changed dramatically. The very best programming that Hollywood can offer is available instantaneously on your mobile phone and smart TV. Competition for your eye-balls has gone through the roof as well.

Erase the Past

Because of the aggressive price wars going on between the world’s largest media companies, for the first time, consumers like you and I have power over our living rooms. The days of long term contracts for cable and internet packages are finished. Yet, too many of us still aren’t aware of our advantage over the new media landscape, and how to get more for less.

Become a Well-Informed Consumer

That’s how to unlock the treasure box of faster internet speeds, abundant sports channels, and Hollywood’s most star-studded movies - for prices that will seem fake after you learn how cheap they are. You’ll call your cable company and watch them squirm as you negotiate a better deal with more channels and faster speeds - for a lower price.

Score the cable and internet package you deserve. Deals that truly match the market, and not just ones that some fat-cat creates - from thin air.

Deals like this are popping up all the time. The trick is knowing where to find them. Click on the button to search “ads” in one place. Post a comment when you find a deal!

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