New Implant Can End Addiction Cravings in Hours

New Technology Blocks Alcohol & Opiate Receptors in Brain

Scores of addicts now live sober who never thought they could, thanks to a new, breakthrough technology.

Brain chemistry may cause addicts to experience irresistible cravings that won’t let them stop – even when they know they should.

These cravings aren’t something that can be ignored.

That’s why so many continue long after they decide to quit… And why so many quit – but quickly come back.

But thanks to a new technology, we can now block addiction cravings where they begin - in the brain.

Success rates so far are very promising.

Hollywood Addiction Fix Now Available to the Public

When celebrity star of “Growing Pains” Jeremy Miller’s life was nearly destroyed by alcohol – he needed a solution.

But nothing worked until he discovered a painless “pellet implant.”

After failing to break free with 12-step programs, counseling & therapy – he was convinced this would fail too.

But 2.5 hours after the 30-minute procedure - his cravings were gone.

And now he’s been sober for years.

A company called BioCorRx is making this technology available to the public. Now countless addicts have used the 30-minute “implant” procedure to kill their alcohol and opiate cravings.

Stop Addiction Cravings in the Brain

The implant succeeds where oral medications fail because addicts don’t have to take a pill every day.

Instead, it releases a steady stream of medication that blocks opioid receptors in the brain. That means the brain will not send overpowering craving signals.

And the addict is finally able to quit with much less effort.

The “implant” can stop cravings within hours – or days at most in most people… And it can keep them away for months at a time.

And because the procedure is so quick – virtually no work is missed… no time away from loved ones is required… no 30, 60, 90 days in rehab…and no one needs to know.

The implant procedure is the first step in a 2-step process available through a company called BioCorRx. They offer their program to independent treatment centers nationwide and offer access to affordable financial programs for cases where insurance won’t cover it.

Interested in learning how they’ve been so successful? They offer a free phone consultation to see if their 2-step process might work for you (or your loved one).

And they’re required by law to keep your information 100% private.

Click the button below now to learn more about the program and to get the number for your free consultation.

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