Say Cheese!

Close your eyes and imagine your very first smile.

Hard to remember it?

But what if your smile was unforgettable? And not by your mom. By everyone.

According to JAMA, the premiere network of dental specialists, dozens of studies prove that the more intelligent, likable, and attractive we appear to our co-workers, clients, and romantic partners, starts in our mouths. With our smiles. Your entire reputation can be judged almost instantaneously by the way you smile.

The business of cosmetic dentistry used to be the domain of fat-cats and Rodeo Drive helicopter moms. But those days are a thing of the past. Thanks to technology, dental implant procedures now exist to improve your teeth on a budget. To get you smiling.

And not just any smile. A smile you'll wear proudly - from the coffee shop to the dinner table. On that trendy morning hike up to the top of the mountain. Smiles with the power to walk their way out of speeding tickets. I've seen it happen. One look at a smile like that and the law stands no chance.

Too Good to be True?

I don't blame you for being skeptical. In the past, cosmetic dental surgery was expensive, laborious, and outright scary. But those days are a relic of the past. With the right dentist, the procedure necessary to improve your smile is painless. And best of all, it doesn’t require multiple appointments or prevent you from picking the kids up from school, and getting on with your busy day. The right cosmetic dentist can fix your teeth by lunch time.

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