This Fat Burner Has a Bizarre Focus-Improving Side-Effect

…and now it’s taking GNC by storm

If you’ve recently been to GNC and noticed more people than usual hanging out in the diet section, it might be because of an unusual fat burner that just hit the shelves.

While this new formula is helping men and women melt body fat, it also has an interesting side-effect that you don’t often see in many fat burners: it helps improve focus and concentration.

Fitness experts refer to this as a “mind-muscle” connection. It’s when your mind is working in perfect lock-step with your muscles, improving workouts and fat oxidation simultaneously. When they explain it, it almost sounds like reaching a Zen-like level of enlightenment that few can easily achieve.

Because of its unusual formula, this new fat burner – called LeanFire XT – may be one of the best ways to achieve the legendary mind-muscle connection. It contains powerful ingredients that increase thermogenesis (so your body literally melts body fat), and it features some time-tested energy enhancers. But then, most interesting of all, it utilizes the science of “thermovigilance”. It has ingredients that balance the strong fat burners and energizers. So instead of feeling overstimulated, jittery, and anxious… your mind can better remain calm, dialed-in, and laser-focused.

Without a doubt, embracing thermovigilance is what sets LeanFire XT apart from common fat burning supplements – which tend to only stimulate your body (sometimes to a dangerous degree). Instead, LeanFire XT employs some serious outside-of-the-box thinking… which helps explain why demand is so high. Unlike some other fat burners, LeanFire XT was formulated to help you:

• Melt Unwanted Body Fat

• Improve Focus and Concentration

• Provide Clear Energy and Stamina

• Achieve the Coveted “Mind-Muscle” Connection

Luckily, you might not have to wait until GNC is back in stock to try LeanFire XT. The makers of this innovative formula are currently shipping 14-day samples through this website. So if you want to skip a trip to the store and experience what this mind-muscle connection feels like firsthand, click here to request your sample.

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