96% of Cars “At-Risk” Without This 2.5-Inch Device

The Most Important 6.9 Square Inches in Your Car

One situation ruins more American lives every year than any other.

You’ve probably already been in the situation at least once today – because every day, 70.46% of Americans do it at least twice.

In fact, you have a 1 in 55 chance of being impacted.

Over 60% of ALL emergency room visits are a result of this “everyday danger.”

And even though fewer and fewer people are dying as a result…

The financial fallout can ruin your life.

And depending on the details – you could wind up in jail!

And even though it’s brain-dead easy to defend yourself from the financial and freedom-related fallout…

Only 3.83% of Americans are “protected.”

Guilty Until Proven Innocent

I’m talking about car wrecks… AND:

If you only have insurance on your vehicle and think that you are protected… think again.

There was a time when you were innocent until proven guilty.

That has changed.

Today when you are accused, everyone assumes you are guilty.

The cop who shows up on the scene. The courts. And the other driver’s insurance investigator.

If these people believe you are guilty and you can’t PROVE your innocence – the fallout can ruin your life.

You can wind up owing for the other driver’s medical bills, rehab, lost work and pain and suffering.

At the least your insurance rates can skyrocket. And at the worst you can wind up in jail for being accused of dangerous or negligent driving.

And it’ll be your word against theirs.

Fortunately, there’s a simple 30-second step you can take to protect yourself.

This 2.5-Inch Device Could Protect Over 5M Drivers a Year


Every year 5.4M Americans get in a wreck.

That means 1 out of every 55 Americans faces a major financial risk they can do almost nothing to prevent. And even if you can’t do anything more to protect yourself from getting into an accident…

Thanks to BlackBox, maker of the world’s smallest dashcam, you can make 100% certain that you are protected from what happens AFTER the accident.

This little 2.5-inch HD dashcam is the smallest in the world so there’s no reason to ever be unprotected because it fits anywhere without blocking your view.

And because it starts recording automatically when you crank your car – you have HD video of every second of your drive so you’re never without hard proof of your innocence.

That means it’ll never be your word against theirs… It’ll be their word against your video evidence.

Plus, you’ll capture high definition video of the interesting & beautiful things that happen on your drive… Everything from a stunning sunset to a road-raging driver who needs to be reported (with video proof).

Or a cop who thinks you were speeding.

And the best part is, because BlackBox is looking for drivers to test the world’s smallest HD dashcam, they’re now available to the public at 75% off through the BlackBox website (along with some sweet, free bonuses).

They just received their shipment around an hour ago, which is the reason for this post. Last year they sold their entire stock on 2 days, so hurry because you don’t want to miss out on this rare opportunity.

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Article sponsored by BlackBox DashCam