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The FREE Secret the Banks Don’t Want Business Owners to Know

If you’re not keeping track of both your personal and business credit score you may be putting your financial life at risk!

Armed with a strong credit score, a business can secure lines of credit, lease equipment, finance a company vehicle, and obtain loans and credit cards WITHOUT putting personal credit at risk.

Are you among the many business owners struggling to improve your business credit and financial capacity?

If you are struggling or you simply want to better manage your credit, it’s time you educate yourself about your personal, and your business credit score.

The BIG Benefits of Building Business Credit

Knowing your business credit score is the first step towards building outstanding business credit…

And what is so important about building business credit?

Here are just some of the advantages:

  • Large Credit Capacity – Businesses have 10 to 100 times greater credit capacity compared to personal credit. As a creditworthy business, your company will be able to qualify for financing based on factors strictly related to the business and not have to rely on personal credit.
  • Increase Company Value – A creditworthy business has a powerful advantage in financing ability which makes it attractive for potential investors and future buyers.
  • Protect Personal Credit – A business owner will be able to limit or eliminate the use of personal credit checks since the company has its own credit ratings.

New Tool to View All Credit Scores and Options in One Place

A new site, Nav, has been developed that gives both your business and personal credit all in one place and all at no cost to the consumer. Nav is the only free site that combines both your business and personal credit scores. Having both scores in one place is important because that’s exactly how lenders and finance companies will evaluate your creditworthiness.

Nav’s MatchFactor technology will give you transparent financing options personalized to your profile, simplified personal and business credit reports, tools to build and maintain better credit, and 24/7 credit monitoring, alerts, and ID theft protection.

It would be quite difficult to do all of this on your own, and you won’t get the same depth of information, options, and advice – no matter how many sites you check.

That’s why you need to use a site where you can get everything needed to build your personal, and simultaneously, your business credit – in one place.

Interested in the possibilities? Click the button below to get your credit scores in minutes for free.