Denture Breakthrough Offers Affordable Solution to Fix Your Smile and Boost Your Confidence

The Future of Dental Technology is Here

Forget everything you thought you knew about dentures.

Thanks to ongoing advances in dental technology, modern dentures are not only more comfortable than ever and more low maintenance than ever, they’re also more affordable than ever.

Gone are the days of excessive painful visits to the dentist’s office, uncomfortable pain and soreness, and constant worry over care and maintenance.

Using some of the most advanced and technically sophisticated digital measuring techniques, dentures can now be fabricated that will fit your mouth so well, you’ll think you’ve grown a new set of teeth.

Not Your Granny’s Dentures

Dentures of yesteryear were often prone to inflicting pain on patients because methods of crafting dentures allowed for minor imperfections that would result in unnecessary and uncomfortable pressure on gums and any surrounding teeth.

These imperfections also promoted bacterial growth in the area between the gums and dentures.

Modern dentures, however, are measured and molded for a near perfect fit that not only feels good, but reduces the risk of bacterial growth and reduces maintenance requirements.

Boost Your Confidence

It’s no secret that your smile is one of the first things most people will notice about you.

From a friendly greeting on the street, to a romantic date, to a job interview, your smile helps you put your best foot forward by helping you look your best and feel your most confident.

When you’re able to feel good enough about your smile to flash your pearly whites, you’ll come off as more friendly, more confident, and more attractive.

Study after study has shown that people with beautiful smiles feel more confident overall, appear more attractive to potential mates, and actually receive more respect in the workplace than people with unattractive smiles.

Not Just for the Elderly

Dentures are often commonly associated with the elderly, but did you know that some 20 million people over the age of 40 have dentures?

You don’t typically associate dentures with people in their 40s, but the truth is that modern dentures can provide more than practicality, they can literally change the way a person views themselves, and how they are viewed by the world.

A smile can be negatively impacted by a host of factors like bad habits, gum disease, poor diet, or just genetics.

Dentures offer a way for practically anyone, no matter what state of disrepair their teeth might be in, to renew their smiles and enjoy all the benefits that beautiful teeth and a beautiful smile have to offer.

Modern Denture Options

There are two main types of dentures; complete, for patients who have had all of their natural teeth removed, and partial, for patients who still have some number of natural healthy teeth remaining.

Depending on the condition of your gums and jaw, a dentist may recommend removable or fixed dentures. Removable dentures can be taken in and out of the mouth by the patient, while fixed dentures are surgical implants intended for permanent wear.

Thanks to additional advances in denture design, dentists can craft custom fitted dentures that appear natural, and can even match the color of partial implants to the color of remaining teeth, so nobody will ever know you’re wearing dentures until you tell them.

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