Larry King's 30-Second Secret to Pain-Free Living

Larry King Shares His 30-Second Secret to Reduced Chronic Pain

On a 30-minute Larry King special, he recently stated:

"I get up in the morning to put on my socks, to bend over and put them on, I used to have this pain. I don't have it anymore."

He then goes on to reveal exactly how he stopped his aches & pains – and how it has helped thousands like him who also suffered daily aches & pains…

In just 30 seconds a day.

And his “secret” is probably NOT what you think…

Doctors Discover That This New Zealand "Sea Creature" Helps Reduce Joint Pain

Larry King reports:

In the crystal clear waters of New Zealand, scientists discovered a sea creature called "Perna Canalicula."

This unique creature has now been discovered to reduce joint pain. Clinical trials also discovered that it improves physical performance, mental clarity & reduces system-wide inflammation.

The creature was even researched by NASA in their search for the healthiest foods on the planet for astronauts.

And the health benefits are so powerful, Larry King did a full length feature on it after he discovered its pain relieving benefits for himself.

Larry King's Exposes the TRUTH About This “Breakthrough”

TV and Radio star Larry King is known for separating truth from fiction.

So he set out to discover whether scientist’s lab results would play out in real life… Whether or not it could create results you can feel in your body.

After personally testing for results, Larry King made his statement:

"I get up in the morning to put on my socks, to bend over and put them on, I used to have this pain. I don't have it anymore."

And according to his special, he’s not the only on seeing these kinds of results.

Larry’s Not the Only One Seeing Dramatic Results

Over and over again in Larry Kings special report, real world people reported that using an extract from this sea creature helps reduce their pain and improved their performance.

For some – like Larry – it was the little things that counted… Like being able to go through life’s daily routines without pain… Or playing with their grandkids.

For others it was much more dramatic as some who faced career-ending pain were finally able to find relief – where nothing else had worked before – so they could continue their life’s work.

Larry shared research revealing one of the top reasons it is so effective. It’s because of the sea creature’s high concentrations of Omega-3 fatty acids… In fact:

It contains 22 times more fatty acids than fish oil*. Which is why the results it provides are so much better than fish oil – even at a much smaller dose.

And a group of doctors and scientists recently found an environmentally friendly, sustainable way to extract the creature’s life changing compounds.

But because they must protect the creature from extinction, they can only produce a limited supply of the life-changing compound.

How to Experience the Dramatic Results for Yourself

factoryFor now, the compound is available to the general public… But you can’t find it in stores.

You can get your hands on it though – if you know where to find it on the internet.

To date over 200,000 people have benefited from the compound (which they call Omega XL)…

Omega XL is now available to the general public online.

And if this page is still available – you can even get a FREE bottle when you order online (because of the reduced cost of online order processing).

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Article sponsored by Omega XL

*Any references on this website to standard or regular fish oil means a fish oil containing a standard EPA (18%) and DHA (12%) omega-3 fatty acid blend.