Aging Is Not a Myth

Take Years off Your Face Without Setting Foot In A Hospital

When you look in the mirror do you notice an old lady staring back?

At first glance you think you are seeing your mother only to realize in horror that it is you. Your profile sags, your eyes bag, you just don’t look like yourself anymore…

Gravity is not a gentle foe…it pulls at your skin causing dippy eyelids and saggy jowls…faces lose elasticity and you look older than your years.

Confidence shattered, you stop feeling like the sexy, vibrant woman you are.

Costly lotions and potions are no match for gravity’s pull.

And major face-lift surgery can be an extremely costly option. Aside from the high price of hospital admission, an overzealous doctor may pull you unnaturally tight, leaving you perpetually surprised instead of a younger version of your beautiful self. Don’t despair…

Good news: Looking younger is now a choice…not requiring tens of thousands of dollars or lengthy hospital stays and recovery times.

Scientific advances have created another solution…a lasting and gentle facelift procedure that defies gravity and removes years from your face….all without a costly hospital stay, long recovery time, or general anesthesia.

Introducing Lift™ by Sono Bello

"When I looked in the mirror before the procedure, I saw a 54 year old woman. And in my brain, I felt like I was still a 24 year old woman. I was hoping that this procedure would give me maybe 10 years…… I think I got closer to 20!” - Shirley, Real Sono bello Patient

“It’s just something that you always dream about doing, but need a little push. I’m so happy I did it. Lift by Sono Bello not only changed my life, it changed my looks and my attitude. I would highly recommend Sono Bello to anybody interested in professional and caring people who truly deliver results.” - Dorene, Real Sono Bello Patient

Performed in office using local anesthesia, so there’s less down time than with traditional facelifts. Now you can start looking as vibrant on the outside as you do on the inside.

Imagine waking up to a face that matches your youthful spirit, the confidence you will carry, the compliments and admiration you will receive, the zest you will bring to every day simply because you look as young as you feel.

Looking younger is your choice…

Introducing Lift™ by Sono Bello

Sono Bello has helped over 100,000 women and men improve their bodies, their faces– and their lives.

Most were surprised that their procedure was affordable… And at how it made them feel beautiful in every area of life.

They offer financing options to meet almost any budget.

And best of all, right now they are offering a $250 off special offer when you schedule a free consultation to find out more about how they might help you.

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Article sponsored by Sono Bello