Scientists Flip Off Brain’s “Addiction Switch”

Modern Chemistry May Provide a Way Out for Addicts

We all have drug & alcohol receptor sites in our brain.

When we take a drink of alcohol, these receptor sites bind with the alcohol in our blood stream. If we take a drug, other receptors bind with that drug in our blood stream.

For addicts, when these receptor sites have no drugs or alcohol to bind up, it feels like nails on a chalkboard. BUT:

Like flipping a switch… the second drugs or alcohol enter the blood stream, the receptors sites are satisfied again…

And the cravings go away… for a little bit.

How to Switch Off Cravings Without Drugs or Alcohol

Chemists have found ways to “trick” drug & alcohol receptor sites.

They can now chemically “mimic” alcohol and other drugs… So closely that the receptor sites in our brains bind to it just like the real deal.

And just like the real deal, binding the receptors flips the switch and cravings are instantly gone.

Unlike the real deal though, these treatments won’t ruin your life. In fact, they do the opposite.

By providing a way to “flip the switch” and make cravings disappear, addicts are able finally break the habit.

How to Find These Treatments in Your Area

You might be surprised that these advanced treatments are already available in most areas.

Finding a specialist can be difficult though if you don’t know where to look - because these specialists don’t advertise their services everywhere.

And asking for a referral usually is NOT an option.

Scattered sites do advertise these advanced treatments… but in the vast worldwide web, finding the ads can be difficult.

That’s why I put a link below to a site that pulls together ads for advanced treatment specialist in your area.

Be sure to look around.

Some treatments work in hours… others take longer. Some ease cravings for days… others for months. And some specialists only deal with very specific addictions.

Plus, the difference in price, convenience and results between one practice and the next can be staggering.

So do your homework from the privacy of your browser before deciding who to contact.

Not every drug has a treatment that can “flip the switch” and kill your cravings – but many of the common addictions do.

And of course, we’re all unique so no treatment ever works perfectly for everyone. BUT:

Many addicts do experience very positive results with a specialist – even after failing to break the addiction before.

Interested in advanced addiction treatments? Click the button below to search ads from addiction recovery specialists in your area.

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