Fear Losing Your Freedom, Independence, Dignity

Statistically It’s only a matter of time before you slip and fall in your bathroom.

Which one of these signs of poor circulation do you want to eliminate without the use of expensive drugs, dangerous side-effects or repeated trips to the doctor?

  • Spells of extreme tiredness or forgetfulness
  • Wounds that are slow to heal or won’t heal
  • Cramped, swollen hands and feet
  • Achy Legs after walking or standing
  • The feel of pins and needles constantly burning your hands and feet

SUFFER No Longer!

“Most Diabetic Complications Are Caused by Poor Circulation”

Remember this statement because the stark, grim reality is that diabetes diminishes the flow of nutrient rich blood to all your tissues and organs. It’s worth repeating… “Most of your diabetic complications are caused by poor circulation”.

And without adequate circulation – your wound healing is sluggish, your nerve damage accelerates and adequate blood flow that nourishes your hands, legs, kidneys, eyes, heart, intestines and even your brain slows down to a trickle as time passes.

In effect, every cell in your body is starved of oxygen, nutrients, growth factors and immune elements. In addition, cellular toxins accumulate, effectively poising your body’s cells and tissues.

It is vital that you realize what’s happening and to act to nourish your body’s cells – or you can expect a miserable quality of life. And as any Doctor will tell you “Poor circulation is the major reason why Type 2 Diabetes is a progressive disease”.

But you can fight and reverse this deadly progression. Without drugs, safely, effectively, and as simple as taking a bath.

Yes, you read that correctly. A bath!

My dad took his first bath and for the first time, I saw him relax and enjoy the experience.

“My father is 85 years old, suffers from Alzheimer’s, chronic back pain, arthritis, and diabetes… Bathing him was a horrible experience for both of us. I noticed even after the he was safely in the (old) tub that he was tense and anxious, and his muscles were so stiff, he was in more pain... Unfortunately, the next week, my father was diagnosed with a vascular occlusion in his leg and surgery was the only option. The (Safe Step) tub was installed, and the installation was incredible…The (workmen) demonstrated to my father very simply how to use the tub.

My dad took his first bath and for the first time, I saw him relax and enjoy the experience. He took a bath every day for a week. When he was examined by the surgeon, his circulation had improved drastically and no surgery was needed! So far, in the months we had the tub his skin has softened, and he no longer requires moisturizer. He is now able to walk unassisted and only uses his cane occasionally, for balance. His mind has improved and his overall health is better. He also, no longer requires monthly visits to the doctor! ... “Karen M.

But not just any bath. A Safe Step Walk-In Tub and Shower.

All Safe Step Walk In Tubs has the following therapeutic features to stimulate your circulation:

MicroSoothe System

Relax as millions of tiny, oxygen-enriched bubbles circulate through your tub, turning your bath into a spa-like experience. Developed to stimulate and nourish your skin.

Hydro-Jet Therapy

A variable speed, fully adjustable spa system with 10 built-in massaging hydro-ports, designed to help the body release tension.

Dual Hydrotherapy Massage System

Combines the therapeutic benefits of both whirlpools and air massages for an incredible experience.

Safe Step Walk-In Tubs offer superior quality, safety and comfort at an affordable price, plus each of their walk-in tubs is made right here in the United States. Plus, each Safe Step Walk-In Tubs and showers can help you maintain your independence and stay in the home you love.
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Plus, A Free Heated Seat and Backrest

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Learn more on how a Safe Step Walk-In Tub can banish signs of poor circulation caused by Diabetes, plus many other ailments.

Article sponsored by Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.