15 Minutes for a Car Insurance Quote?

Give Them 15 SECONDS and They’ll Give You 15 Quotes

Car insurance companies really do know how drivers feel at the moment.

That’s why TV is cluttered with ads for insurance.

You might find them funny, clever—or boring. But more important, can you trust them?

After all, in the last few years many people’s car insurance rates have soared.

What’s more, these increases have affected people with good driving records and no claims, as well as those of you who had less than a perfect run.

And now the prospect of insurance companies making changes that will lower some people’s rates while raising others leaves us all confused on which is the best insurance company for our needs.

Here is just one example:

Both cars are exactly the same.

They are driven by two people with exactly the same driving record.

Exactly the same everything.

Do they cost the same to insure?

Not necessarily.

The car on the left is insured through Company ‘A’.

The car on the right is insured through Company ‘B’

And yet, Insurance Company ‘A’ charges 50% MORE for exactly the same coverage as Insurance Company ‘B’.

The New Way To Find The Best Auto Insurance

Here at The Daily Lifer we found arguably the best way to shop for Auto Insurance. It’s through a company called The Zebra.

The Zebra is not your typical Auto Insurance Company… in fact The Zebra is not an insurance company at all.

The Zebra is the nation’s largest and only true Quote Comparison website for car insurance. It lets you Compare Quotes from every top car insurance company in seconds.

The Zebra will help you:

Save money

By comparing rates from hundreds of insurers including the top companies, you can save up to 50% off your car insurance – for free.

Save time

You can compare insurance quotes side by side in seconds. They help you understand your insurance options and make it easy to purchase your policy quickly.

Find the policy you need

Regardless of your driving history or credit score, they'll match you with the right insurance company so you can get the coverage you require.

Instantly compare quotes from every top insurance company in seconds.

The Zebra compares quotes from over 200 trusted insurance companies at once - more than 24x your average insurance agent. Their comparison engine automatically simplifies your options by matching you with the best car insurance companies in your area based on you and your needs.

And so far they’ve helped over 5 million drivers save an average of $368 per year on car insurance.

That's why millions of drivers have left the hard work to The Zebra... and they’re proud to have helped them save some serious cash in the process.

So go ahead and have some fun.

Click now and compare what you are paying against hundreds of other insurance companies. You may end up savings big dollars in the process.

Article sponsored by The Zebra