Do You Hear Well?

Hearing Loss Can Affect Anyone at Any Age

Better Hearing Starts with a Hearing Test

Imagine yourself hearing clearly again – even when people whisper…

The advanced new Signia Cellion Primax from HearingPlanet is the sound of:

  • The World Series
  • Your Child’s School Play
  • The Wind and Seagulls
  • Mozart
  • Crashing Waves on a Beach
  • The Laughter of Your Grandchild
  • The Rolling Stones
  • Rainfall
  • Coffee Brewing


  • “I Love You”

This is the size of sound. All the bright, beautiful, exciting and delicious sounds of the world you live in.

Sounds you may not be hearing as well as you once did. Or hearing at all.

This is the size of the astonishing Signia Cellion Primax Hearing Aid from HearingPlanet. It offers advanced micro-computing technology and revolutionary battery-free hearing.

At the Daily Lifer, we call it a game changer…

You may call it a small miracle.

Stop Deafness from “Creeping Up on You.”

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age, due to heredity, medical conditions or loud noise exposure. However, as we get older, we naturally become more susceptible to hearing loss.

48 Million Americans Report Some Degree of Hearing Loss

That’s about 20% of the entire population… and those who do experience hearing loss generally wait far too long before getting help. They have often forgotten what it is like to have normal hearing. 

You would get your eyes checked if you couldn’t read anymore

And yet, we rarely think about getting a checkup for our hearing.

Better Hearing Starts with a Hearing Test

Only a Hearing Care Professional can create a personal solution to your unique hearing situation.

At your hearing test, an expert technician will

  • Review your hearing and general health history
  • Talk to you about your noise exposure history
  • Ask you to rate your hearing and figure out what environments you would like to improve your hearing in
  • Conduct an in-depth hearing evaluation

Many People Qualify for a FREE Hearing Test…Do You?

A hearing test from a trained Hearing Care Professional usually costs up to $250.

That’s why The Daily Life’s research staff has teamed up with HearingPlanet to help find and schedule the right Hearing Care Professional for you.

HearingPlanet offers a nationwide network of over 1600 clinics nationwide, so they likely have one right in your neighborhood. And they may even have a way for you to get the test done for FREE….

You read that right…you can get a trained Hearing Care Professional to test your hearing… at no cost to you*.

HearingPlanet Specializes in FDA Certified Medical Device

This type of technology cannot be purchased at just any store or on any website… so you know it is the latest

in cutting edge technology. But…only a certified Hearing Care Professional can properly fit you with the latest hearing aid technology like the Signia Cellion Primax.

Don’t Be In Denial About Your Hearing Loss.

Schedule a FREE* Hearing Test TODAY through HearingPlanet

Make an appointment with a certified Hearing Care Professional RIGHT NOW and be sure to take advantage of HearingPlanet’s offer. Also make sure you use their FREE, no risk, no obligation insurance review.

Start Hearing Clearly Again

Article sponsored by HearingPlanet

*If neither insurance nor the clinic offer a complimentary test, HearingPlanet will deduct this cost from your hearing aid purchase