I Used to Laugh at My Dad When I Asked Him The Time, And He Answered, “Not Bad.”

But hearing loss – at any age – is no laughing matter.

And as we age, the loss of hearing seems to get worse and worse. But too many people think “it’s nothing” or at least nothing to worry about.


When you don’t hear clearly and completely, you’re missing out. You’re missing out on the news about family and friends. You’re missing out on the doorbell or phone ringing. You’re missing out on the sounds of the oncoming cars that can endanger your life!

In fact, you are missing out on LIFE.

There is someone you need to see

A trained, professional audiologist knows how to test your hearing and create a personal solution to your own unique situation. That’s why it’s so important for you to see someone like the certified Audiologists recommended by HearingPlanet.

Let’s face it: if you had trouble reading this article, you wouldn’t hesitate to get your eyes checked.

So, if you can’t hear the TV, or the radio clearly, or if the sound of children playing is a muffled noise, you need to get evaluated.

There is no Fear when You need to Hear!

At your hearing test, the expert technician will

  • Review your hearing and general health history
  • Talk to you about your noise exposure history
  • Ask you to rate your hearing and figure out what environments you would like to improve your hearing in
  • Conduct an in-depth hearing evaluation

So what about that “FREE” thing….

A hearing test from a trained audiologist can cost up to $250. However, for a limited time, Hearing Planet is offering to pay to get your hearing checked.*

You read that right. Get a trained audiologist to test your hearing– worth up to $250 –for FREE.

You pay Zip. Zero. Nada!

And since HearingPlanet is affiliated with over 1,600 test centers nationwide, chances are there is a center just down the street from where you live.

Advanced Technology Makes Hearing Aids Work for You

Advances in the technology used to make today’s hearing aids mean the price is down to as little as $3 a day! Can you image hearing as clear as a bell for just $3 a day!

It all has to do with microprocessors, similar to what you find in modern Smartphones and tablets. (And you know that a small phone can pack a powerful technology punch!)

Signia's Cellion Primax offered through HearingPlanet utilizes advanced microprocessor technology, engineered for crystal-clear hearing under any circumstance and in any environment.   All handsomely designed in a nearly invisible package.

But only a certified Audiologist can properly fit you with an advanced hearing aid like the Signia Cellion Primax.

Statistics show that most people when they first think they have a hearing problem, wait seven years before doing something about it! Seven Years! Imagine all the great stuff they miss. Things that they can never recapture and enjoy.

If you, or someone you know and love, is experiencing hearing loss, do not wait one more day. Click Here to set up an appointment for a thorough hearing examination by one of HearingPlanet’s trained Audiologists.

After all… it’s time!

We simply cannot extend that FREE hearing evaluation offer. There is no guarantee you will ever see it again. Do yourself a favor… do a favor for all those people who love you and care about you… Click Here and set up your Free, no risk, no obligation appointment now!

Article sponsored by HearingPlanet

*If neither insurance nor the clinic offer a complimentary test, HearingPlanet will deduct this cost from your hearing aid purchase