The 1 Common Mistake To Avoid When Paying Your Credit Card

"Today Is The Day I Go Into Debt."

Let’s be real… no one wakes up to put that kind of plan into action.

Yet, everyday Americans find themselves "under water" when it comes to all the money they owe to credit card companies.

How Does Debt Pile Up So Fast?

Losing a job or going through a divorce are just two major contributing factors to increasing debt, but there are other ways that debt can sneak up on you.

Here's what you need to look out for:

Charging Everything

The primary reason people get into debt is they spend money they think they have... and then when a major life event happens… like losing your job or a medical emergency, the money you were counting on stops coming in.

Credit Card Companies Want You To Spend – Big League

The Banks have also convinced us that swiping our credit card is the preferred method of payment for everything from gas to groceries to a night on the town. And let’s face it… credit cards are a convenient way to pay for things when you don't have cash on hand… but remember, every one of those swipes comes at a cost.

REMEMBER: The Bank Is NOT Your Friend

Banks don’t care how much debt you get into. They don’t care about life changing events such as divorce or the death of your spouse. Because the dirty little secret is - that’s how they make their money. They are banking on you NOT paying on time, and when you don't – Cha Ching! They rack up billions in fees!

The Common Mistake? Paying Just Interest

If you max out your credit card, then making the minimum monthly payments might be all you can afford. What you might not know is that the bulk of those payments go towards the interest and finance charges first.

Yes, the credit card companies take their cut right off the top.

Miss a payment date and you're hit with a late charge. Miss more than one payment and your rates will go up. Before you know it, that $100 weekly grocery bill is really costing you $400. Even more money you don't have.

Stop The Cycle Of Credit Card Interest Abuse

What are your options to break the cycle of financial insecurity and start to rebuild your credit and your savings?

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