Why Diets Don’t Work

The #1 Weight Loss Myth

Weight loss claims keep getting wilder…

Decades of miracle diets have failed to find the Holy Grail of weight loss…

Supplements claim to work miracles – but how many deliver?

Dr. Michael Jensen, MD at the Mayo Clinic, says “The big myth out there, is that there’s a magical combination of foods”1

Belief in that myth is why millions of dieters pay billions every year in search of the “magic formula.”

Instead of doing what really works.

The 1-Size-Fits-All Weight Loss Myth

There is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet.

That means that even a diet that is legit enough to work for some people – may not work for you. Why?

Because we are all unique – from our DNA to our habits.

That’s why losing weight isn’t about finding THE magic weight loss formula that works… It’s about finding a healthy weight loss program that works…

For YOU.

But how do you find the right combination of eating, exercise & supplements that will work for you?

The answer is simpler than you think.

Here’s What Does Work… And Why

Weight loss clinics have a mixed track record.

Dr. Rachael Ross, MD and Dr. Travis Stork, MD exposed a chain of dangerous weight loss clinics in Los Angeles…

But they also noted that there are legitimate weight loss clinics… Offering two nuggets of wisdom for those seeking a legit clinic.

Dr. Ross says, “You have to be seeing a physician if you’re going to take any medication for weight loss.” 2

And Dr. Travis warns to avoid in-and-out clinics where “within 30 seconds, they are handing you a bag of pills.” 2

Dr. Travis continues, “Go somewhere where you get a sit-down talk with a physician or a medical care provider who specializes in this.” 2

“They should go through a full history and physical.” 2

“They should figure out what you’ve tried in the past that didn’t work and figure out a personalized plan that works for you.”2

Where to Find Legit Weight Loss Clinics

Finding the right weight loss clinic can change your life.

It is often THE breakthrough needed to finally lose weight after years of yo-yo dieting.

But finding the right clinic is hard if you don’t know where to look because the best clinics don’t need to advertise.

The site below uses an algorithm to show you the weight loss clinics in your area – so you can find a quality clinic in private.

Some specialists may even offer you an initial visit free of charge.

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