Soon-to-be-Banned Spec-Ops "Light- Saber" Now Available to Public

Should this battle-tech be allowed into civilian hands?

Special operators work in the most dangerous places…

They carry the latest battle-tech, gear, and weapons that exist. And it’s no secret that many of those items wind up in civilian hands.

But when this little spec-ops “light-saber” was released to the public it drew heavy fire from those who say many of its uses – both as a tool and as a weapon…

Are simply too dangerous for civilian use.

Amazing New “Light Saber” Multi-tool

This new spec-ops “light saber” technology can start a fire…

Send up a rescue beacon that’s visible for miles – and blind an enemy from a distance.

It will burn a hole through many materials… Light up the dark brighter than any flashlight… And make your friends drool for their own.

And it fits in your pocket.

Should You Own a “Light Saber” or Not?

Special operators carry these “light-sabers” because it is one piece of gear that can provide many functions – in a tiny package.

Gun control advocates think this is too powerful for civilians to carry and they are waging an all-out war to keep it out of your hands.

Unfortunately, they have a good chance of winning in today’s America.

Which is why it’s so hard to get your hands on this new tech…

The “light saber” supply keeps getting gobbled up as fast as they can build them – because people are fighting to own one before they are banned.

Whether or not you should own one is a personal choice – but if you decide to own one…

And IF they aren’t out of stock – you can get one here.

Interested in this new, spec-ops tech? Click the button below to learn more about how it works and how you can save big on yours.

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* Shining the Tact Laser into eyes can cause blindness, please wear proper eye protection
** It is illegal to shine a laser at aircraft in the sky. The FAA prosecutes anyone found guilty of this crime
Do not overcharge the batteries that come with the Tact Laser
Keep out of reach of children