Military Grade Laser
Now Available To Public

It’s no wonder military personnel prefers this device.

By AJ Stone

Survival Frog will be releasing a limited supply of The Tact Laser “Special Forces Lightsaber” very soon, but we wanted to give you the heads up before they’re released.

This picture does more justice for The Tact Laser than any words we can put down on paper (see image 1).

Hard to imagine that this black tube is built with a revolutionary collection of electronics used by our nation’s best soldiers to destroy enemy forces.

At one point in time, this technology was Top-Secret.

Inside the Tact Laser is a unique and dangerous laser type known as the 532nm green laser which is used in the military for Self-Defense.

It uses a super-precise laser wavelength that will temporary (or even permanent) blind an attacker.

Imagine using this against a thug who plans to harm you and your family.

The Tact Laser also makes a great Signaling DeviceIt is powerful enough to shine up to 12 miles away... literally into outer space.

That kind of range isn’t just useful keeping rabid terrorists away

And while the Tact Laser is an excellent signaling device, it also makes a great Emergency Flashlight too. Better than most tactical LED flashlights.

The Tact Laser is a Fire StarterIt’s so bright and so powerful it’ll even help start a fire - turning a desperate situation into a survivable one.

Of course, the Tact laser’s amazing survival uses don’t stop there…

It’s no wonder military personnel prefers this device.

Survival Frog just received their shipment of The Tact Laser which is the reason for this posting.

Last year the entire stock sold out quick, so don’t miss out on your chance to become a proud owner of one of these rare Tact Laser “Special Forces Lightsaber” TODAY!

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* Shining the Tact Laser into eyes can cause blindness, please wear proper eye protection
** It is illegal to shine a laser at aircraft in the sky. The FAA prosecutes anyone found guilty of this crime
Do not overcharge the batteries that come with the Tact Laser
Keep out of reach of children