Black Friday Prices. 365 Days a Year

DealDash is a super cool pay-to-play auction site that's unlike anything you've ever tried.

By AJ Stone

Imagine getting Black Friday deals - 365 days a year 24/7!

DealDash has figured out how to sell all the must-have products for prices that are jaw-dropping!

It features shopping events with incredible brand name fashion, jewelry, beauty items, electronics and more, for prices as low as $1 in some cases.

Great Products. Great Selection. Great Prices!

DealDash product selection runs from designer handbags and accessories— to the latest electronics from Apple and Samsung, to trusted appliances from companies like KitchenAid. And if that’s not enough they have plenty of other items like a Canon EOS Digital SLR Cameras, and much more.

These are just a few of the deals recently snagged on DealDash:


An Apple iPhone 7 won for $68.72 ( $749.00 – reg. price) Over 91% Off!!

Canon Digital Camera - Won for $24.60 ( $749.99 – reg. price) Over 97% Off!!

tabletSamsung Galaxy Tablet, won for $14.79 ( $199.99 – reg. price) Over 93% Off!

And don’t forget, these sale prices include shipping and all other expenses!


With such high original prices, it’s natural to be skeptical – so we did some research to learn exactly how they do it….

And it turns out…The Deals are 100% Real!

And unlike shopping at Amazon or eBay; DealDash’s shopping experience is fast, fun, unpredictable and exciting!

No Loss Option

And check this out…

When you choose the Buy Now option; your bids are sent directly back to use again on the next auction!

And we’re not talking about items that are marked-up or overpriced.

DealDash takes the same low price you might find on Amazon, eBay, or at BestBuy and offers you the item at the same competitive price.

DealDash also backs up all sales with a…

No Questions Asked - 100% Money Back Guarantee on Your First Bidpack Purchase!

So go ahead, give it a try…

It's easy to grab a great deal and there's always something happening at DealDash.

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