Do You Want to Live Comfortably and Independently in Your Own Home?

Has balance and mobility become a thing of the past?

Many of us are aging or have aging parents who want to retain their independence.

You want to remain in your own familiar home where you have built your memories.

You don’t want to move into a small apartment in a retirement center or a single room in a nursing home.

As we age, though, we notice when we begin to have difficulty with balance and mobility.

We worry that we could be injured in a fall.

A fall in the bathtub is especially worrying…

What should be a soothing, healthy experience, however, often gets held back by concerns of slips and falls.

It’s a Fact…

87%1 of all fractures with the elderly are due to falls, and 55%2 of all falls take place inside the home.

When it’s time to unwind with a nice soothing bath, these issues should be the furthest thing from your mind.

There Is An Option:

You can install an easy access walk-in tub.

American Standard: Making a Splash in Walk-In Tubs!

American Standard knows most falls in the home occur in the bathroom.

And moving in and out of a standard-size bathtub isn’t only inconvenient, it can be downright dangerous.

Creating a functional and safe tub with massaging water jets and air bubbles for a spa-like experience creates a better quality of life and truly therapeutic results for many conditions.

From knee pain to insomnia, tendonitis to stroke recovery, an American Standard Walk-In Tub can help make you feel much healthier.

The Benefits of an American Standard Walk-In Bathtub Doesn’t End There.

A walk-in tub can help improve how you feel and lead to a safer bathing experience:

  • An American Standard walk-in tub allows you to sit down and relax, and it is easier to stand up and get out of your tub
  • A warm bath helps relieve arthritis pain, alleviating stiffness for arthritis sufferers
  • Bathing helps improves blood circulation, and can give you more energy.
  • A warm bath before bed time promotes drowsiness and relaxes muscles, resulting in a good night’s sleep

An American Standard Walk-In Tub can make your bathroom feel as welcoming and accommodating as it has ever felt.

American Standard is offering combined discounts for up to $1,500.  

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Don’t be another statistic. American Standard Walk-In Tubs can help you maintain your independence and stay in the home you love.

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Article sponsored by American Standard Tubs