Shocking News! The Electric Company PAYS YOU for power!

This One Phrase Gets California Energy Executives Red Faced in Anger!

Learn the Phrase that Makes the Electric Company PAY YOU

Millions of results turn up when you Google, "How to save money on my electric bill."

They all amount to the same advice: Turn off your lights and unplug appliances.

But how would you feel if the power company sent you a check each month?

That's not as farfetched as it sounds. Especially, if you make the switch to Solar Energy.

What the Power Company Doesn’t Want You to Know

You are probably unaware that there’s a new policy when it comes to Solar Energy.

The new policy qualifies Homeowners who live in specific zip codes in California to receive $1000’s in Government rebates and tax breaks.

And if you own a home in a qualifying zip code, this program offers tax rebates and incentives that will reduce your cost of installation to $0.

This new program also lets qualifying homeowners lease or purchase solar panels for $0 down.

That’s right. $0!

Virtually Erase Your Electric Bill Overnight

Rebates and incentives from the state of California cover most, if not all, of the upfront costs.

Before this policy, solar panels cost in the $10’s of thousands of dollars to purchase and install. And if you couldn’t afford to pay the entire cost up front, you were forced into a high-interest rate loan.

That offset any savings from having Solar Power.

But now, homeowners have little to no out of pocket expense.

And About That Phrase that Drives Energy Executives Mad…

They hope you never learn about the term “Net Metering”.


Net Metering essentially means you, the homeowner, are selling power BACK to the electric company. And whatever you sell them gets credited against your electric bill!

This means more money back in your pocket!

Basically…The Electric Company is Paying You

Yes…going solar means you are helping the planet but…

Let’s face it, you want the savings, don’t you?

With average savings of 65%, more people have gone solar in California than ever before.

If you’re currently a California Energy customer and own your home, we encourage you to apply for this program here.

Answer a few simple questions, and determine if you qualify.

There is no obligation, and it takes less than 12 seconds.

And when you go to First Step Solar they will even calculate for you exactly how much you can save each month, each year, even your estimated lifetime savings!

PS: There has truly never been a better or less expensive time to go solar.

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