Are These 6 Common but Toxic Dog Food Ingredients Killing Your Best Friend?

Common Chemicals That Kill Dogs Found in Dog Food

Pesticides. Chemicals used to make synthetic rubber. Chemicals known to cause cancer. Jet fuel ingredients. Transformer oil ingredients1.

Embalming fluid ingredients.

The active ingredient in antifreeze. And explosive compound “stabilizer.”

ALL are commonly found in the popular dog foods you find in grocery and big box stores nationwide2

You’ll see them listed as preservatives with chemical names.

Ethoxyquin, Butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA), Butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT), Propylene glycol, TBHQ and Propyl gallate are just 6 among many others3.

But it gets worse…

Pentobarbitol – the drug used to put dogs to sleep, was recently uncovered in multiple dog food brands4.

And because this killer drug (like many contaminants) came from the raw ingredients used to create the dog food… Who knows how many unreported brands contain these chemicals?

In fact, when you break it down, the raw ingredients are the problem.

Dog Food Facts Dog Lovers Can No Longer Ignore

Dogs are our best friend…

They bring love and joy and so much more into our lives – and we would never intentionally harm them. But there are some uncomfortable facts we all need to face as dog lovers.

The ingredients in common dog food are downright disgusting. If you have a weak stomach – skip to the next section because we’re about to get real.

Dog food is made from garbage. There’s no other way to describe it.

On one hand, they use rejected waste like stalks, hulls and husks that are almost impossible to digest for “vegetables” … That’s bad enough…

But what they use for “protein” may make you sick to your stomach.

Any time you see the words “meal” – as-in “animal byproduct meal” or “meat byproduct meal” … what that usually means is this:

They’ve taken the maggot-infested carcasses of dead animals – everything from rats & skunks to cats & dogs – and ground them up5

Then they baked the paste to a crisp, grind it to a powder and put the end result into your dog’s food.

It’s the industry standard.

But don’t you think there has to be a better way to feed our best friends?

Where to Find Healthy, Humane Dog Food

The dog food industry needs to change…

Now that the shocking ingredients in popular dog foods are coming to light, a new type of dog food has emerged.

These new dog foods contain the raw foods dogs are genetically designed by nature to eat.

The companies that produce them reject common industry practices and insist on only creating a product that is truly healthy for dogs.

That means they use only the best raw, organic ingredients and carefully process them to maintain full nutritional value.

They even design pet food formulas for specific types of dogs so you can provide for the specific nutritional needs of your dog. And for specific types of diets.

And they never use waste product as “filler” for their foods.

So, look for foods that contain all-natural, organic ingredients from healthy animals.

Also, look for brands that use natural preservatives or freeze-drying to keep food fresh. Both are harmless to your pet and may even provide additional nutrients for them to absorb.

Interested in feeding your best friend right? Hit the button below to find a healthier food for your best friend.

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