The Centers for Disease Control recently warned of a “public health epidemic.”
National Epidemic!

The #1 Health Risk for 150 Million Americans

Research Reveals Half of America Suffers from This Public Health Enemy

Research has revealed that 50% (or more) of Americans already suffer the initial stages of this life-threatening problem.

An investigation into 300 human studies exposed that the “epidemic” raises blood pressure, increases risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes and obesity.

Yet despite the fact that the problem is almost entirely preventable, most have no idea of the risks…

Just What is This “Epidemic”?

The CDC has labelled not getting enough SLEEP a “public health epidemic.”

According to the prestigious Mayo Clinic – one of the top ways to improve your sleep is to get a better mattress.

But…Which Mattress Should You Choose?

With so many mattress options (air, innerspring, hybrid, memory foam, and even water), it’s hard to know where to start.

20,000 Mattress Shoppers Can’t Be Wrong 

We reviewed a survey of mattress shoppers and out of 20,000 actual customer experiences with various mattress types Memory Foam mattresses have the highest owner satisfaction ratings.

And the Memory Foam Mattress we recommend… 

Lull Mattress. 

Being exclusively online, Lull has flipped the mattress industry on its head by employing smart logistics, using compression technology to ship the Lull mattress directly to your home in a compact box and eliminating the need for costly showrooms nationwide.

This enables Lull to offer a premium mattress for a mere fraction of the cost you would normally pay at a retail mattress store.

Since we spend 33% of our lives asleep, improving sleep means improving one-third of your life — not to mention that those benefits carry over to when you’re awake too!

FREE Shipping

Lull offers free shipping to your doorstep. You get to give it a REAL trial run before deciding if you actually want to sleep on it for the next decade or so with their….

100 Night Trial Guarantee

Lull’s Risk-Free 100 Night Trial invites you to literally sleep on it for 100 nights to make sure that you’ve chosen the right mattress for you. If you don’t love your Lull mattress they'll come pick it up from your home at no cost to you, and give you a full refund.

Now That’s Smart Shopping!

At just 1/3 of the price that you would pay for your mattress in a retail store, buying direct from Lull will save you up to $2,000.

Ridiculous Comfort. Exceptional Quality.

Ready for the best sleep of your life? Their three layer memory foam mattress gives you the comfort and support that you need. Lull comes with a 10 year warranty. Lull has a 95% customer satisfaction rating and 4.9 out of 5 Google Trusted Store rating.

So, go right now to this special site and join the thousands of people who have transformed their sleep with the incredible Lull Mattress.

You have to try it to believe it! Your best sleep starts with Lull.

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