Own a Small Business and Need a Loan?

Forget the Bank…

You’ve Been Approved! Is music to any business owner who is seeking a loan…

However, if you’re seeking a short-term business loan or a line of credit, then chances are you won’t be hearing that from your bank anytime soon.

You see, Banks reject 8-out-of-10 business owners that apply for a loan.

That’s an 80% REJECTION rate!


Banks Don’t Like Lending for Cash Flow

That’s because most banks have become risk averse since the last recession and don’t like to lend money to small business owners - especially for cash flow purposes.

Banks Don’t Like Lending Under $500,000 

They especially don’t like to lend under $500K because it is not profitable for them. Sure, they’ll come up with another excuse as to why they can’t lend, but the truth is they find it a waste of time if the loan isn’t in the millions. Why? Because they spend the same amount of time on a $25,000 loan as on a $25 million loan.

But there is GOOD NEWS…

This innovative company has created a groundbreaking technology marketplace that matches you with the best business loan right now

Small Business Loans Made Easy

Fortunately, the world of lending to a small business owners has significantly changed over the last few years.

Whether you need equipment financing, working capital to buy inventory, payroll funds, or an advance on future receivables, this technology marketplace leader is giving entrepreneurs and business owners more options when searching for loans.

That’s why the editors at The DailyLifer recommend LendGenius

With its marketplace approach, LendGenius gives small business owners the power to make lenders compete for the privilege of doing business with you.

There’s no need to stand in line at the bank or spend weeks agonizing over paperwork just to have your loan application denied at the end of it all.

Sit Back & Wait for Lenders to Come to You 

By being a marketplace, and matching the business owner with the right lenders for your business, LendGenius provides options so you can get the best rates and loan terms in as fast as 24 hours.

LendGenius makes the process simple, easy and fast.

It’s Just That Simple… and FREE!

Fill out just one form to get pre-qualified for dozens of business financing options with multiple lenders.

You’re not obligated to accept any loan offer, filling out the application will not ding your credit, and best of all, LendGenius service is totally FREE!

Let's Get Started! How Much Do You Need?

Click the button, provide some basic information, and LendGenius will instantly match you to the best lenders with the best rates.

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Now that’s genius.

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