The Pleasure of a Jetted Tub Without the Risk of a Dreaded Fall

Imagine yourself soaking...the tub water warm, your body relaxed, your skin rejuvenated.

Tiny bubbles sooth your aching feet and legs, leaving them feeling better than they have in years.

You close your eyes, and allow yourself to relax against your heated seat, the soft jets gently massaging away tension in your back.

Perhaps you believe taking a bath is a luxury that belongs only in your past because illness, injury or every day aches and pains prevent you from getting into the bathtub safely. Perhaps the risk of a slip and fall to get into the conventional tub is too great. You don’t want to break a bone, or worse, by slipping as you climb and sit down in the tub.

Your solution to safe soaking is here. You can now enjoy soaking in the tub every day with Safe Step Walk-In Tubs.

Not only is it safe, Safe Step tubs create a better quality of life and truly therapeutic results for many conditions.

Here is how …

Safe therapy for all that ails you.

Check each condition that applies to you, and let us show you how Safe Step Walk-In Tub can help you have a better quality of life.

  • Massages away lower back and foot pain with our relaxing hydro-massage jets. Jets with multiple settings to relieve the tension in your lower back and leave you feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Keeps you warm as the tub fills with our Heated Seat. Free for a limited time, our heated seat and back rest keeps you warm as the tub fills and during the quick drain process.
  • Cleans and soften your skin at the pore level while soothing your feet and legs with our MicroSoothe® Air Therapy. Tiny, champagne sized bubbles clean and exfoliate your skin without the need for you to bend, twist and scrub.
  • Walk in and out with confidence. We have a low 4 inch step, an extra large door, anti-slip flooring, and well placed handles throughout to help you bathe safely and independently, drastically lowering the risk of a devastating fall.
  • Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty Gives You Peace of Mind.

We’ve combined every premium feature you deserve in your walk-in tub with our best-in-class installation and customer service. Our tubs are made in the U.S.A and we are family owned and operated, focused on serving your family with the best quality today and for a lifetime.

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Article sponsored by Safe Step Walk-In Tub Co.