New 20-Second Process Delivers "Super-Vision" to 95% of Patients

From Needing Glasses… To Better than 20/20 Vision – for 95% of Patients

Do you wish you could see well without your glasses or contacts?

Have you thought about laser eye surgery but are afraid it won’t work for you? Or that it’s too expensive?

If so – you’re not alone. Many share these feelings – but with recent advances in eye surgery technology... and easy financing options…

Many have found they can achieve better than expected results for less than they thought.

Better Than 20/20 Vision with Advanced Laser Technology

In the past, laser eye surgery was performed with a single laser.

Problems found inside the eye were “fixed” with changes to the outside of the eye. And the computer imaging used to determine the corrective steps only measured 200 points of light.

Today’s advanced laser technology now uses more than 1 laser, measures 7,000 points of light and doesn’t try to fix problems found inside the eye by making changes on the outside.

The results?

Nearly half of the patients treated as part of a FDA clinical study achieved “super-vision” – that is, better than 20/20 vision… with reduced risk of post-surgery problems like glares and halos.

And over a 12-month period a London based clinic achieved a 100% success rate correcting vision to 20/20…

A 95% success rate achieving better than 20/20 vision

And a 40% success rate giving patients an amazing 20/12 vision using a double-laser process that treats each eye in 20 seconds.


How to Find Low-Cost, Advanced Laser Tech in Your Area

Many people don’t even know this advanced technology exist so they put off treatment for years.

Yet thanks to the internet it’s now possible to find local eye surgeons offering advanced treatment options for less than you might expect. The internet has made it fairly easy to find eye surgeons in your area.

But what you may not know is that there is a way you can potentially find local service providers who offer advanced treatment options all in one place… offering financing on advanced laser eye surgery – with a small up-front investment and low monthly payments.

If you’re willing to spend a little time searching through “ads” in your area, you may be able to save a bundle while finally getting rid of your glasses or contacts.

Get Rid of Your Glasses for Less Than You Expect

Some surgeons may fear this new technology because it is so fast and affordable and therefore prefer to do things the old way.

It’s important that you do your homework before selecting your eye surgeon – even if you’ve been going to the same eye doctor for years. The difference in results, price, convenience, pain and speed between one practice and the next can be staggering.

Eye surgeons with the best, modern technology are also up to speed on the internet. That’s why it helps to search for the best cutting edge laser eye surgery tech online.

If you’re curious about your options, simply click the button below and search the ads for an eye surgeon in your area who might be able to quickly and painlessly solve your problems.

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