Unexpected expenses not covered by Medicare can quickly drain your life’s savings leaving you less money to enjoy your golden years

Turning 65 and Going on Medicare?

BEWARE: Medicare DOES NOT Cover All Your Health-Care Costs

But if you know where to look, then you can get up to 100% COVERAGE on ALL expenses… even deductibles!

Whether or not you need Medigap insurance is a personal decision but definitely an important one.

With Medicare only covering 80% of your Healthcare costs – that leaves YOU with the remaining 20% cost you must pay.

The editors at The Daily Lifer recommend this leading site that helps you get the coverage you need so that you don’t end up draining your life’s savings on out-of-pocket expenses Medicare DOES NOT cover

This is Why You Need a Medicare Supplemental Policy…

Medicare Supplement policies - also known as Medigap Insurance - are insurance plans that help you pay for the out-of-pocket health care expenses that are not covered by Medicare.

Some of these out-of-pocket expenses, known as gaps, include:

  • Coinsurance Charges
  • Copayments, and
  • Deductibles

These expenses can ADD up and quickly drain your life’s savings.

 Are YOU Aware of Medigap Insurance? 

Turning 65 or are eligible for Medicare?

Many people aren’t even aware that these policies exist… especially when you are about to turn 65 or become eligible for Medicare.

That’s why learning more about these supplements - and purchasing a policy - is a surefire way to prepare financially for your twilight years.

Plus, knowing that you have Medigap insurance to cover these out-of-pocket costs takes the stress off you and unburdens your family financially.

Don’t Outlive Your Savings

You may be on a fixed income, or just like the stability of knowing how much you budgeted to spend each month, that’s why having a Medigap policy in place makes a lot of sense.

You see, having a Medigap policy will cover out-of-pocket expenses that Medicare just will not cover.

Protecting you from having to spend your life’s savings on unexpected medical bills. 

Identical Plan… Why All the Different Prices?

All 10 Medicare Supplement Plans are standardized by Medicare, meaning coverage and benefits are IDENTICAL between companies.

The only difference in plans is… PRICE and NETWORK. 

But will YOUR insurance company tell you that?  

Of course not!

Your Insurance Company Wants to Keep You in the Dark

Because they don’t want you to shop around to get the same exact coverage at a much cheaper price.

Sure, they may have a fancy name for their coverage, but in the end, it is all the same.

Here’s How to Get the Best Plan at the Lowest Price…

That’s why the editors at The Daily Lifer advise our readers to compare plans …

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Act Now and Get The Coverage You Need

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