How Would You Feel Knowing YOUR Family is Protected?

Confessions of a Petty Thief…

Learn Here How New Technology Can STOP Them TODAY

A seminar, led by the Chicago Police, introduced 8 former burglars, all men, ranging in age from 20s-40s.

New technology allows this alarm system to connect and respond up to 10X faster in an emergency

Learn more and get started toward turning your home not just into a SECURE home but a SMART Home.

They were ready to share their tactics, their secrets, insight, and open-up about how and why they rob YOUR home.

They Target YOUR Neighborhood

Quiet neighborhoods, upper to middle class. One burglar said, “It doesn’t matter. It’s anywhere the opportunity presents itself.” Another burglar said, “It can happen to anyone, and anyone is a target. Be alert of your surroundings.”

They’re Checking You Out

Most of the burglars keep an eye on your home - some for even a week - to scope out your working schedule, your habits, what kind of car you drive…

One burglar said, “I don’t want people in the house. That turns into a totally different crime.

And the Most Important Question…

Are Burglar Alarms a Deterrent?


That’s Why You Need the #1 Ranked Home Security System

Everyone deserves to have peace of mind when it comes to their home and loved ones.

That’s why the editors of The Daily Lifer recommend LiveWatch.

LiveWatch is ranked the #1 Home Security System by Engadget.

They ensure peace-of-mind by providing home security you can be confident in—security that's simple, affordable, personalized, and most importantly, reliable. 

LiveWatch Connects and Responds Up to 10x Faster in an Emergency!

Other systems rely on a central office and operator to go through a list of contacts.

This slow trickle of “one at a time” voice calls can take up to 5 ½ minutes to get to the right emergency contacts – at a time when seconds count!

LiveWatch’s ASAPer urgent messaging system (BTW…it stands for As Soon As Possible Emergency Response) utilizes all the latest technology to communicate with people quickly and simultaneously through email, text and phone.

No Long-Term Contracts

LiveWatch offers the best combination of reliable equipment, comprehensive smart-home options, and flexible, no-contract professional-monitoring plans.

And their commitment doesn't end there…

LiveWatch’s award-winning customer center takes pride in being there 24/7 for you when you need them, so you can relax and enjoy what matters most.

And you can cancel anytime.

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