This Alarm System Helps You Connect and Respond up to 10x Faster in an Emergency…

And When it Comes to Theft or Fire…Seconds Count!

This is why Engadget ranked it their #1 Home Security System

When you choose a home alarm system, you’re investing in more than just a machine that lets you know when your property is at risk.

You’re choosing the automated line of communication between your home and the emergency services that can assist you before serious damage is done.

New technology allows this alarm system to connect and respond up to 10X faster in an emergency

Learn more and get started toward turning your home not just into a SECURE home but a SMART Home.


The editors at The Daily Lifer have discovered this unique security company that offers a technology that helps you connect and respond up to 10x faster in an emergency!

That’s why the editors at The Daily Lifer recommend LiveWatch Home Security.

LiveWatch Connects and Responds Up to 10x Faster in an Emergency!

Other systems rely on a central office and operator to go through a list of contacts.

This slow trickle of “one at a time” voice calls can take up to 5 ½ minutes to get to the right emergency contacts – at a time when seconds count!

LiveWatch’s ASAPer urgent messaging system (BTW…it stands for As Soon As Possible Emergency Response) utilizes all the latest technology to communicate with people quickly and simultaneously through email, text and phone.

LiveWatch’s ASAPer technology provides the world’s fastest response - cutting response down by 5 minutes compared to competitive systems!

Full Home Security in One Simple Package

Not only does LiveWatch provide the World’s Fastest Response, LiveWatch transforms your home into a SMART home!

And a SMART home is one of the best ways to ensure that your home is safe and properly secured, no matter where you are.

A lot of companies are offering smart home services, these days…but a LiveWatch’s technology means your smart home:

  • Can be Installed Easily and In Minutes by You!
  • Controls Your Entire Home (remote door locks, smart lighting, thermostat control and more)
  • Provides Constant Video Monitoring available to you anywhere in the world through your phone!
  • No Long-Term Contracts for Monitoring you cancel at any time with no penalty!
  • Up to 10x Faster Response Time means police and fire services have the best chance to be at your home before serious damage is done.

And while a LiveWatch SMART Home may seem like a thing of the future, it is a feature that you can have today and at surprisingly little cost.

LiveWatch’s Technology is FULLY Customizable to Your Home!

What are the features important for your home?

  • Burglar protection
  • Fire, Flood and Smoke Monitoring
  • Smartphone Control
  • Video Surveillance
  • Home Automation

Your LiveWatch system is customizable to your specific needs.

Today Get LiveWatch For As Low As $99.00

LiveWatch has set up this special site for readers of The Daily Lifer to get a customized system for as low as $99.00

While you are at this special site you can answer a few questions and see what a customized system would look like for you.

There is no obligation to see what a customized system would look like…so if you are interested you should go there now!

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