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Is Looking at a Label a Fair Way to Discover a Great Wine?

We’ve all been there.

You’re walking down the wine aisle, feeling a little intimidated and not sure what to get.

You know whether you prefer reds or whites, but beyond that, you’re pretty stumped.

So, how do you decide which one of the many wines on the shelf is the

best choice?

It’s a tricky decision.

Is looking at the label alone a fair way to discover a great wine?

Probably Not. 

That’s where Bright Cellars comes in.

Bright Cellars is the personalized wine subscription that delivers your wine matches right to your doorstep.

Unlike any other wine club, their custom algorithm matches you perfectly to wines they are confident you will love.

So, What Are The 4 Easy Steps to Getting to Know Your Vino?

Step 1: Take the Bright Cellars Wine Quiz

Don’t Worry - This is a Fun Quiz!

Your answers help them determine characteristics of wine they think you'll love.

Step 2: Get Matched to Your First Wine Experience 

Based on your answers, they automatically match you to wines that fit your palate each month.

Step 3: Rate Your Matches

The more wines you review, the better your matches get!

Step 4: REPEAT!

Receive four new, unique Bright Cellars matches each month and discover wines you love. 

Join Today and Get $30 OFF Your First Order 

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That’s a 50% discount off your initial order, just for starting your Bright Cellars experience.

If you're ever matched with a bottle you don't love, don’t worry…a Bright Cellars Wine Concierge will help you select a replacement bottle for your next shipment!

Plus, you’re never obligated. Skip a month or cancel anytime.

Bright Cellars is simple: take the wine quiz, receive your matches, taste your wines, rate your matches, repeat.

So, go ahead, discover wine you love and take 50% OFF your first shipment when you order right now.

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