Seniors are Collecting $480 per Week From This Unusual “Side Job”

The average savings for Americans nearing retirement rings in at a measly $12,000.

That’s a nightmare!

Yet we’ve come across what we call “the Perfect Retirement Business,” because it’s enabled an impressive number of retirees to collect oversized income payouts – some as high as $1,038 per week…

And while hardly lifting a finger!

For example, retiree Dick Weber from Nevada say he’s getting more than $100 a week, and “it helps pay my retirement bills.”

Two other guys, Brad Nichols and Stuart Gillen, are collecting checks averaging from $480 to $549 per week.

And Florida-based Dan Morgan reports “The performance continues to amaze. My annual payouts now exceed $54,000.”

Don’t worry – you won’t need to form an LLC, create a product, or start selling stuff in retail stores or on the internet.

No wonder Money magazine reports these types of cash payments “can be helpful in supplementing your income in retirement.”

The bottom line is if extra income for retirement sounds like something you’d be interested in, please take a look at the details here.

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