Home Prices Keeping You Out of The Market?

Think You Can’t Afford a Home in a Neighborhood of Your Choice?

Think Again!

It used to be that the American dream was owning your own home with a neat row of bushes in front and a white picket fence blocking your property off from the world.

But today – a lot of people can’t afford the home of their dreams and feel ‘priced-out’ of the market. 

How High Can Prices Go?

From a broad view, the U.S. housing market looks very healthy.

Demand is high, employment and wages are growing, and mortgage rates are low.

But the nation's housing market is assuredly unhealthy; in fact, it is increasingly mismatched with today's buyers.

While the big numbers don't lie, they don't tell the real-truth about the affordability and availability of U.S. housing for the bulk of would-be buyers.

You see, after the big housing crash in 2008, prices have been steadily climbing to a point where they have now surpassed pre-crash prices.

“Home prices surpassing 2008 levels, low level of inventory, multiple buyers bidding… how can that be good for me to buy my dream home at an affordable price?” 

Here’s the REAL Story NOBODY is Telling You – Especially a Real Estate Agent!

As prices dramatically increase, it is becoming harder and harder for buyers to meet their monthly payments.

That’s why Foreclosures and other forfeiture actions rose 11.1 percent1 in the 1st quarter of 2017.  

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1. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-banks-mortgages/u-s-mortgage-quality-improves-but-foreclosures-on-the-rise-idUSKBN19Y290