This Technology Will Upend the Entire Automotive Industry

A stunning breakthrough in engineering is about to upend the automotive industry…

The innovations taking place in semiconductors, specifically graphics processing units, or GPUs (camera vision, radar, and machine learning), are about to unleash a sea change on the automobile as we know it.

This technology is so revolutionary that the latest estimates indicate it could prevent up to 90% of all car accidents and produce more than $1.3 trillion in savings for the American consumers.

In fact, the U.S. House of Representatives Energy and Commerce Committee already gave its approval for the SELF DRIVE Act, and it could pass as soon as this year.

Meaning that by the end of 2017, every single car in America could be required to have this advanced computer on board.

And currently the multi-trillion-dollar automotive industry is rushing to “comply” with the coming changes before regulations go in effect.

For the full story on this quickly unfolding situation, watch the short video below.

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