How Does a Guaranteed Payout Rate of up to 13.1% Sound?

Why settle for a payout of just 2 to 3% on your hard-earned retirement money?

If you are facing retirement then your biggest concern is:

  • Running out of money in retirement, and
  • How to pay for medical expenses

Well, this one strategy GUARANTEES that you won’t run out of money during retirement and that you’ll be able to cover your medical bills. 

Here’s Where to Get Permanent Income for Life…

No matter how long you live

That’s why the editors at The DailyLifer recommend

JD Mellberg Financial Services.

Their NextGen Annuity Strategies gives you:

  • GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE – Income as long as you live, no matter how long you live
  • GUARANTEED MINIMUM PAYOUT RATE - Guaranteed minimum income based on deferral
  • GROWTH OPPORTUNITY – You get growth opportunity MARKET UPSIDE without the downside risk.
  • ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY – You get PENALTY-FREE access to a portion of your funds
  • INCOME DOUBLER (2X) – If you ever need Home Health Care during your retirement.

Discover What your GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE payout rate could be just by using this EXCLUSIVE Next Gen Strategies Calculator.

With JD Mellberg Financials exclusive NextGen Annuity Strategies, you get all the best features of the most common types of annuities along with TOP RATES.


Zero Is Your Hero When the Market Crashes

That’s because with NextGen Annuity Strategies your GAINS all get LOCKED-IN and you have ZERO RISK with a market downside.

Less than 1% of agents in the United States have access to the EXCLUSIVE products and little-known annuity strategies that J.D. Mellberg uses for their clients

And with NextGen Annuity Strategies you get reliable, guaranteed income for life without losing control of your money. Plus, you can have the increasing income to help fight inflation during your retirement.

It’s impossible to find one annuity that has it all – but with NextGen Annuities, JD Mellberg has put it together in a way that you can have it all. 

Top Annuity Guaranteed Income

How High of a Rate Can You Get?

This FREE Calculator has been set up especially for the readers of The DailyLifer to see how HOW HIGH of a rate you will get.

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