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  • Are you concerned about outliving your money?
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Here’s Where to Get Permanent Income for Life

No matter how long you live:

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JD Mellberg Financial Services.

Their NextGen Annuity Strategies gives you:

  • GUARANTEED INCOME FOR LIFE – Income as long as you live, no matter how long you live
  • GUARANTEED MINIMUM PAYOUT RATE - Guaranteed minimum income based on deferral
  • GROWTH OPPORTUNITY – You get growth opportunity MARKET UPSIDE without the downside risk
  • ACCESS TO YOUR MONEY – You get PENALTY-FREE access to a portion of your funds
  • INCOME DOUBLER (2X) – If you ever need Home Health Care during your retirement

NextGen Annuity Strategies could provide you with Guaranteed predictable INCOME FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE

Take John, 62. 

He wants to have guaranteed* income he cannot outlive.**

Less than 1% of agents in the United States have access to the EXCLUSIVE products and little-known annuity strategies that J.D. Mellberg uses specifically for their clients

So, he used a small portion of his retirement savings to generate a MINIMUM GUARANTEED Income of $36,000 per year FOR LIFE!

Using a tax-free IRA rollover into a NextGen AnnuityTM strategy, he’s guaranteed* to receive a 5 figure payout every year for the rest of his life.**

And the more money John has in his annuity – the higher the payout and interest he can earn. He can even earn up to 13.1% annually!

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The choices you make right now could be the difference between a retirement vulnerable to a volatile stock market or a retirement with:

  • Asset Protection
  • Growth Opportunity
  • Guaranteed, Predictable Stream of Income for the Rest of Your Life

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Article sponsored by J.D. Mellberg