Get Quality Dental Insurance In Retirement

Don’t Stop Going to The Dentist When You Retire

Why Don’t More Retirees Know About this Dental Insurance?

You’re not alone.

We know how expensive dental procedures can be.  And that’s why it is important to have dental insurance…  quality dental insurance that’s affordable.

We’re talking REAL insurance from a well-known and established company.

That’s why we are happy to bring you this offer from a well-respected company that has been in business for over 115 years - Physicians Mutual Insurance Company.

REAL and AFFORDABLE Dental Insurance That Costs $1 a Day*

With Physicians Mutual Insurance Company, you’re one step closer to helping protect your smile AND your budget.

Too often, we see people put off dental care because they’re afraid of big bills. But delaying treatment can lead to bigger — and more costly — problems later on.

Dental Care You Deserve from a Company You Can Trust

Physicians Mutual Insurance Company has helped pay dental bills for hundreds of thousands of Americans. People — like you — who need inexpensive dental insurance so they can get the care they deserve.

They’ve been there for them.

Listening. Answering questions. Empowering them with the guidance they need to make confident decisions about their insurance.

You, too, can count on Physicians Mutual Insurance Company to be by your side, so you can look forward to feeling confident about your choice of dental coverage — and your smile.

No Deductibles, Choose Any Dentist, and No Annual or Lifetime Maximums on Cash Benefits

Plus, you’ll also enjoy features like:

  • No annual or lifetime maximum on the dollar amount you can receive and there are no deductibles
  • Immediate coverage for preventive care (routine exams, X-rays and cleanings)
  • Choose any dentist — keep your own dentist or select a new one — the choice is yours

You simply cannot be turned down for one of these certificates if you don’t already have dental insurance through Physicians Mutual Insurance Company.

Get Your FREE Information Kit Right Now

We think you’ll find their dental insurance is not only affordable, it’s protection you can’t afford to be without. So, put this dental insurance to work today, so you will have valuable benefits when you need them.  You never know when a toothache or other dental problem may come up!

Go to this site right now and get everything you need to know about this affordable dental insurance.

Article sponsored by Physicians Mutual Insurance

*Individual Standard Dental Plan. Product not available in MN, MT, NH, NM, RI, VT, WA. For complete details about this solicitation of insurance, please respond. This specific offer is not available in CO, KS, NY, OR; respond for similar offer. Certificate C250A (ID: C250E; PA: C250Q); Insurance Policy P150 (GA: P150GA; NY: P150NY; OK: P150OK; TN: P150TN)