Here’s How To Save Thousands of Dollars on Medicare in Virginia

Medicare DOES NOT Cover all Your Health-Care Costs

Did you know everyone who is 65 years or older spends approximately $18,424 a year on their healthcare, which is about three times more than the average working-age adult?1

And Out-of-Pocket Expenses are High!

On top of that, 95% of seniors are paying more than $5,000 per year on out of pocket costs that Medicare will not cover, and this doesn’t even include the 20% deductible that you have to pay every time.

Plus, Medical Costs Increase as You Age

This means your out-of-pocket costs will continue to increase every year.

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Get Peace-of-Mind

But with the right Medicare Supplement plan, your deductibles and co-pays are covered 100%. Guaranteed.

Here’s Where to Get the Best Coverage and the Biggest Savings

In the past, the only way to find out about these plans was to call each individual insurance company in Virginia, and decide from there which plan to enroll in. This process would take hours.

Now all these calls are not needed. Thanks to you can view all the available Medicare Supplement plans online, and choose for yourself which one to enroll in. The process only takes minutes!

They Make Sure You Get Insurance That Provides Full Coverage

Even if you already have a plan, they work with so many providers it’s likely they can find you even bigger savings. gives you Peace-of-Mind, knowing that you’re selecting the right plan. They have educated agents available to help guide you through the process of finding the perfect plan for you.

With tons of information and knowledge, they take the confusion out of supplement plans and make it easy for anyone to find great savings.

It’s FREE—Just enter your zip code and view all available plans, it’s that easy!

Plus, you can save a ton of money just by using their FREE comparison shopping tool to get the best policy at the lowest possible price.

With your FREE rate quote and plan comparison, you will be able to easily see the differences in coverage and monthly price between the varying plans offers.

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  3. Decide how you are going to use all that extra-money you save!

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