So, light, you won’t even notice it. So badass, it can save your life

This Tiny, Nearly Weightless Orange Bag Is Your Best Chance at Survival

Developed by NASA, this "Survival Gear" Can Save Over 1,400 Lives a Year from this Everyday Emergency

Can you name the #1 survival situation that kills more Americans every year than any other?

If you guessed exposure to the cold, then you would be right.

Since 2000, exposure to cold has killed over 24,000 people as they were going about their daily business.

No other emergency situation even comes close to taking so many lives.

Whether stranded in their carinjured on a hike or delayed for a few hours in extreme weather, thousands of Americans each year find out too late that exposure to the elements can kill you in as little as 3 hours.

So even a minor delay – like a sprained ankle or a flat tire – can spell the end.

The Survival “Rule of 3”

Most people are unprepared in an emergency because they’ve focused on the wrong things.

They’ve either focused on far-off, unlikely events and ignored the obvious threats that can kill them every day.

They’ve ignored the survival “Rule of 3.”

The “Rule of 3” Goes Like This:

In an emergency, you will die from a lack of air in 3 minutes… exposure to the elements in 3 hours… dehydration in 3 days… and starvation in 3 weeks.

So, while it’s important to have food and water in an emergency… When it comes to survival, you should always focus first on preparing for the things that will kill you the fastest.

And only then worry about what comes next.

Lightweight Survival Tool Developed by NASA Scientist

Developed for Space – Fits in the Palm of Your Hand

But thanks to a NASA-inspired, 6.3-ounce, pocket-sized “shelter”, no one ever needs to be unprepared for these “everyday emergencies” again.

This little 6.3-ounce life-saver packs down to smaller than the size of your hand so there’s no reason to ever be without one because they can fit anywhere and weighs next to nothing.

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